Our Mission

To provide a caring community of volunteers to assist individual adults, children, and their families while they reconcile their grief through activities and support in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.

Our Approach

  • Grief Place NCW Loss Support is a place where mutual support is offered. Acceptance is practiced through listening and sharing.
  • We respect each other as unique. We believe each person has within themselves the answers to life’s complex problems. If we support each person in listening to those inner feelings and thoughts, each person will come to know his/her own truths.
  • We understand that giving and receiving support are similar experiences. By giving support people can receive support within themselves.
  • We recognize that both the facilitators and the participants will experience their own growth, and the goal for each of us is personal healing and inner peace.
  • The roles of student and teacher are interchangeable; each of us can experience both in this process.

Grief Place supports and enhances the lives of grieving children, teens, and adults at a critical time in their development. The death of a family member or loved one is a time of crisis and, if handled with love and support, can eventually become a process of growth. The center serves as a preventative program, working with children, teens and adults to provide a safe and healthy outlet for their feelings and thoughts during the grieving process.