Health Benefits Associated With Sex

Many people practice sex for different reasons. Some practice for pleasure and others depend on it for sustaining their lives by generating income. These are some of the main benefits of a healthy sex life.

Helps in boosting the immune system

Sexual health experts believe that sexually active people rarely get sick. Individuals who are actively involved in sex have high levels of what is required in defending the body against viruses, germs, and other intruders. Research that was conducted at Wilkes University revealed that students who practiced sex for at least once in a week were found to have higher levels of certain antibodies as compared to those students who did not have sex often.

However, sex alone does not guarantee a robust immune system you still have to do other things which improve your body’s immunity such as:

  • Staying active
  • Taking a healthy diet
  • Keeping up with the right vaccinations
  • Get enough sleep

Boosting your libidoiufyfdufdufufuigg

Are you longing for a healthy and a lively sex life? The practice of having sex helps in making sex better by improving your libido. This is according to Dr. Lauren Streicher who is a clinical professor of gynecology and obstetrics in medical school based in Chicago. It is also beneficial in women as it increases the vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and flow of blood all of which helps in making sex feel better.

Improves bladder control in women

A strong and a rigid pelvic floor is very important in women. Such a strong floor helps to avoid incontinence which affects more than thirty percent of women. A healthy sex acts as a workout for the pelvic floor muscles. An orgasm causes contraction of the pelvic muscles thereby strengthening them.

Lowering of blood pressure

Research has proven that there exists a link between blood pressure and sex. Different studies have been conducted, and it has been found that sexual activity (not masturbation) helps in lowering systolic blood pressure.

It is a form of an exercise

Sex is an excellent form of exercise. Tu98ygfuijpweogihhis activity burns five calories in a minute. Additionally, sex helps in bumping up the heart rate since various muscles are involved. You should, therefore, adjust your schedule and allocate time for it. Make a point of practicing on a regular basis. Just like with the other forms of exercises, consistency helps in maximizing the benefits.


Lowers the risks of heart attack

A good sex life is healthy for your heart. Apart from raising the heart rate, this activity helps in keeping the testosterone and estrogen levels in balance. Men who engage in this activity for at least twice in a week are less likely to die from heart disease as compared to men who rarely have sex.