What Women Will Not Tell You About Sex


Most of the women are not ready to confront their lovers for fear of getting upset, shocked or disappointed. This is very common to both the young girls and the older women. Ladies should speak up on any issues affecting their sex life instead of shying away. Similarly, there are some men who find it hard to discuss or talk about sex and they are considered to be bad lovers.

Such men end up being dumped by their lovers. More than half of the female population spends a significant amount of money and time unlearning passivity and replacing it with the courage of speaking upon the issues affecting them. Let us have a look at some of the issues which women fail to talk about sex which men should know.

Women can easily tell of something men are doing which they might have seen in a porno

Sex, especially in porn, is only considered a being good only for camera viewing bpoiuytttrkiufiufut it is not worth for the individuals who are participating in it especially women. Most of the things which look good when viewed in porn would keep people from having a funnier sexual life. For instance, it is only the genitals which are focused on by the camera while real sex involves the whole body.


Even though men are aware of this, they love doing something which looked good for them in porn. Something which is borrowed from porn does not add value or pleasure to your sexual life. You should, therefore, move on to those activities which are more fun.

Endurance is always overrated

Women love having sex. There are many incidences where women have orgasmed immediately upon being touched by a man. Women prefer having an intercourse which is lasting for more than sixty seconds even though this does not mean that it is better when it lasts for long because the vagina’s ability of lubrication itself continuously is limited. Any sex intercourse lasting for lengthy periods is considered to be more of duty rather than for enjoyment.

Women knows what makes them to orgasm

As a man, you might be trying to find out what would make your lover to orgasm, but the reality is that ladies knows what need to be done to achieve orgasm. However, they are afraid of mentioning it to their lovers since it might be perceived by your culture to be emasculating or bitchy. Ladies might fear bringing in a vibrator during intercourse as this might make the man feel awkward.